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Community Council


Tooele Jr. High School Community Council 2022-2023


Community Council that is scheduled for Tuesday, May 9th has been cancelled,

due to the fact that we were able to approve next year’s Trustlands Budget

in the last Community Council meeting,

therefore another meeting is not needed.

See you next year!


If you have any questions about the Council, please contact Principal Kalem Norton at 435-833-1921.


 All parents welcome!


                                                            Community Council​ Members 2022-2023


Chair:   Emily Lee (Parent)  [email protected]


Co-Chair: Keri Anderton (Parent) [email protected]



Kalem Norton (Principal) (435)833-1921 [email protected]

Lisa Johnson (Teacher) (435)833-1921 [email protected]

Morgan Rivera (Teacher) (435)833-1921 [email protected]

Jason Saari (Teacher) (435) 833-1921 [email protected]

Jodie Galloway (Parent)  [email protected]

Bryn Johnson (Parent)  [email protected]

Emily Lee (Parent)  [email protected]

Danielle Lopez (Parent)  [email protected]

Keri Anderton (Parent)  [email protected]

Paola Dominguez Abarca (Parent)  [email protected]

Barbie Cederlof (Parent)  [email protected]

Our Community Council is an organized group of parents and teachers who meet monthly to discuss the Trustlands Fund, the School Improvement Plan, as well as the successes and needs of the school.
Do you want to have a voice and help improve your child's school? Do you want to influence and have a vote in how thousands of dollars of School LAND Trust Funds are spent at your child's school? Do you want to know how they are doing and what needs to improve? At the beginning of each school year parent seats are elected and you are invited to apply at the Tooele Jr. High School Office. 
Your student will know that education is important to you when you get involved.
You will have input into programs and policies and expenditures at TJHS.
You will have a new insight into the education process.

     All parents are encouraged to attend Community Council meetings.

Funding for Tooele Jr. High School


Year                                                Funding Amount


Funding for 2014 – 2015                     $53,379.00

Funding for 2015 – 2016                     $61,459.00

Funding for 2016 – 2017                     $64,149.00

Funding for 2017 – 2018                     $85,888.00

Funding for 2018 – 2019                     $95,483.00

Funding for 2019 - 2020                      $98,016.00

Funding for 2020 - 2021                    $101,490.00

Funding for 2021 - 2022                      $98,695.92

Funding for 2022 - 2023                     $115,789.51

The following are proposed dates for Tooele Junior High School Community Council.  All meetings will be held in the TJHS Library at 6:00 PM.  



September 21, 2022

November 15, 2022

March 7, 2023

May 9. 2023