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Science Packets are available at the front office. If you would like one,
call 435-833-1921. The secretaries will print one and let you know when you can pick it up.
If you have access to the internet and a device, you can access the assignment through Google Classroom.
To access Google Classroom, Have your student log on to their District Google account and go to the Google Classroom app.
Have them choose the class code for their class/period.

Google Classroom Class Codes

1/8 - vf4vnzm

2/9 - k2mhnef

3/6 - ulze2zb

4/7 - qvdv4hl




Hello! I am Roger Davis. I have been teaching since 2013. I started at West Elementary as a 5th grade teacher for one year. I then taught 6th grade for 5years and this is my 2nd year teaching science at TJHS.


I know that it is crazy, but I love what I do. The kids are caught transitioning between being a kid and a young adult. they are figuring out who they are, developing their opinions of life, going through puberty, changing friends, and so much more and now they are dealing with the effects of social media. It is one of the hardest times of their lives. I strive to balance having high expectations for them and helping them through this transition. My goal is to have them feel that Jr. High was a great experience.


In 7th grade science we start out with force and motion as we explore physics. We then transition to geology as we study the rock cycle, and geologic disasters like earthquakes. The last part of the year we delve into biology. We start with cells, tissues, and organs and we study the structure of life. We follow that with reproduction and inheritance learning about DNA and GMOs, and finally look at evolution and changes in species over time.


This website is a project in-the-making. It will have links to assignments and resources as well as provide a means of communication from me to my students and their parents/guardians.


I can be contacted at