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School Report Cards - How Are We Doing?

School Report Card Redesign and Suspension of Letter Grades

The USBE redesigned school report cards for the 2017-2018 school year. New features include reporting of test participation rates, consistent attendance rates and assigning a five-point rating descriptor for each of the following indicators of performance: Achievement, Growth, English Learner Progress, and Post-Secondary Readiness. The interactive design allows viewers to drill down for more information within each indicator including how well a school performed compared to the district and state averages. Schools also have the ability to report up to two additional self-selected indicators of school performance. Noteworthy is that the Utah Legislature, having revised the accountability system in 2017, allowed USBE to suspend assigning letter grades for the 2018 school report cards.

What do accountability reports do for students, parents, and educators?

  • Report clear and understandable school performance results to the public
  • Create strong incentives to improve achievement for all students
  • Provide opportunity for all schools to demonstrate success
  • Promote progress toward college and career readiness 

Accountability reports and state test results are used by Tooele County School District to evaluate the effectiveness of instructional materials, programs, and curriculum design; and to inform actions to support schools identified as in need of improvement. Five TCSD schools were identified in 2018 under a new category of school improvement, Targeted Support and Improvement. A school is identified for TSI if, for two consecutive years, any of its student groups fall below the percentage of points associated with the lowest-performing five percent of schools in the state’s accountability system. The District is working in partnership with school principals, teachers, and parents in the development and implementation of school-based improvement plans to increase student outcomes for each identified student group.  

2018 Targeted Support and Improvement Schools and Identified Student Groups:

Anna Smith Elementary School

English Language Learners

Copper Canyon Elementary School

Students with Disabilities and English Language Learners

Sterling Elementary School

Students with Disabilities

Wendover High School

Students with Disabilities

West Elementary School

Economically Disadvantaged and Hispanic

Individual district and school report cards can be found and explored by visiting

Additional information designed to help parents navigate the report cards site is available on the School Report Card Frequently Asked Questions for Parents document found at